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invalid sim card  Unlock Cost: Starting from 15€
Depends on network, phone model and type of unlock
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phone network unlock  Lead Time: Depends on unlock type

gsm iphone unlock  Guaranteed and permanent unlock

Phone and Tablet Unlocks

Tech Guru provides professional unlocking services for your cellphone to make it work in Greek mobile networks with Greek sim cards. We can also recover your forgotten Google account in your android phone or unlock your screen lock in smartphones and tablets (iCloud-Apple ID, Google FRP, Mi Account etc).

Many phones bought from a foreign country are locked from the initial provider to work only with their sim cards, e.g. O2 UK, T-Mobile USA etc, making them useless phones outside the initial country. These phones usually ask for "Network Unlock Pin" or show the "Invalid SIM" message. We are able to unlock these barriers for you and make the phone work worldwide with any SIM card.

We can unlock anyphone brand like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei/Honor, iPhone, LG, Alcatel, Sony Ericsson/Sony Xperia, HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, Blackberry, ZTE, Microsoft/Nokia, Vodafone, OPPO, Cubot, Vivo and from all over the world.

Unlocks are done via your devices' IMEI number or sometimes using a cable with specialized software. There is no need to use methods like Jailbreak, Custom Android ROMs etc. If you cannot see your IMEI number or it is corrupted, we can fix it for you.

We have the best specialized equipment for phone service (service boxes) which can work on Android devices with processors Qualcomm, Exynos, Mediatek (MTK), Spreadtrum and many other.

As for iPhones, we have access to the best unlocking servers and online services to unlock any iPhone via IMEI with a 99% success even if the phone is blacklisted at the initial carrier. That is the reason why other repair centers and companies trust us for those services and we receive phones from all over Greece via courrier.

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This is what we can do on your phones**
how to unlock sim lock

sim locked samsung usa iCloud Removal and Apple ID activation lock bypass in all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch etc)
sim locked samsung usa Permanent phone and tablet unlocks via code, cable or server special service
bypass google factory reset protection Recover your Google FRP account or Samsung Reactivation Lock
emergency calls only Reset counter 0 of blocked Samsung and Sony Hardlocked phones
gsm network unlock puk Factory unlock of Samsung phones with our professional service boxes
samsung s9 tmobile unlock Remove screen locks (pin, pattern, password) even without data loss (depends on model)
screen unlock Bypass Privacy Protection Password, Mi Account, Huawei ID etc
imei change repair Repair your phone IMEI
restore null imei Recover null or corrupted IMEI  (No Service)
blacklist imei iphone Network repair (Not registered on Network - Emergency Calls Only)
how to unlock your android phone Find out on which network provider and country your phone is locked to
unlock iphone sin not valid Check if your phone's IMEI is blacklisted in Greek and foreign GSM networks

Samsung Galaxy S8 (G950U) T-Mobile USA Network Unlock

Samsung S7 (G930F) Network Unlock via Pin Code

GSM Network unlock of Samsung J7 Prime 2017 (J727T1) locked to MetroPCS USA

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google frp bypass unlock

You are advised to backup all your data and contacts before any unlock.

    All information below are needed in order to send you a valid offer!

    if you do not know your initial carrier and country to which your phone is locked, we can get this info for you, with a service of 3€ in 24 hours.

    1. Choose the phone brand and input its model number (e.g. Galaxy S3 GT-i9300)


    2. input your phones' 15 digit IMEI number


    3. In which country was the phone locked to initially;


    4. Please input the carrier locked to e.g. Verizon USA, Ο2 UK


    5. When you turn on the phone with a Greek sim card, does the phone ask for Network Unlock code/pin?


    If it does not ask for unlock code, please describe how you see the phone is locked

    6. Your email


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    You are advised to backup all your data and contacts before any unlock.

    **Phone Unlocks are intended for legal use of the owners' phone with network communication problem or for security unlocks due to password loss.