iCloud Unlock / Apple ID Removal

New Update! Unlocks are now available for all iPhone models until 13 Pro Max (until iOS 17.4.1)
and for the 14 Series (until iOS 16.6.1).
New prices below.

iphone icloud unlock Last Updated 18/05/2024

Unlocking and removing iCloud from an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, Apple Watch, iPod) is a process that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. This lock is device protection and is also referred to as Apple ID account or Activation Lock. Using special equipment and services, we provide the ability to successfully unlock your device (price list below). Unlocking is done in all scenarios, on the initial Activation screen that asks for Apple ID, at the stage that asks for a Screen Code (Passcode), if it displays "iPhone is Disabled - The iPhone has been disabled or is not available" or if it is already in the iOS Menu but you cannot make any transaction or download app since it is asking for passcode.

When you may need an iCloud Unlock
bypass icloud account

remove icloud from iphone You forgot the Screen Passcode and after doing factory reset, device asks for Apple ID account
icloud removal tool You forgot the email of the Apple ID or the password and you cannot retrieve it
hello screen icloud unlock You forgot the security questions for password recovery or you cannot access the recovery secondary email
iphone screen code bypass You cannot access the recovery email or recovery phone
unlock icloud apple id There is no way found to recover the password from the official site or Apple store
ipad remove apple id You don't have access to any of the recovery information because the first configuration was done from a friend/relative
unlock iphone You bought it used and you cannot take the information you need from the seller

The device should first be tested in our store for free and connect to our equipment to ensure that unlocking is supported.

iphone passcode unlock Apple ID Activation screen unlock
iphone screen lock remove Screen code bypass and iCloud Removal (FMI Off)
icloud remove account Remove message "iPhone is disabled - not available"
iphone 13 apple id unlock Factory unlocking without "hidden" details**
icloud unlock cost Fast and reliable
apple watch unlock Latest iOS Versions supported
how can i unlock iphone icloud 100% Safe Process - Only done via software, no hardware, no device disassembly

What you should know about the unlock
ipad icloud unlock screen
Regarding devices unlocked by cable directly and not via Server (devices with asterisk in the price list) the functions of the device are active as normal including using a new iCloud account, using the App Store and mobile network with SIM. The only restrictions are that the iOS version must not get upgraded to a new version (apps in the App Store can be upgraded normally) and factory settings (Factory Reset) must not be done because the unlocking operation in the software will be lost. In case they are done nevertheless, the process can probably be repeated depending on the version to be upgraded, at a much lower cost (indicatively at 1/3 of the original cost). In the case of devices with an asterisk (via Server), upgrades and factory settings are normally possible, as the device will be factory unlocked, with absolutely no restrictions on any function.

Before handing over the device to us it is important that you do not attempt to install the latest software version via e.g. of iTunes (Restore and Update function) because any software upgrade may make unlocking difficult and increase cost. Upgrading or resetting the device does NOT remove the iCloud lock. Note that iPhones cannot be downgraded to a much older version, only about 1-2 months back.

If the device is purchased from abroad or second-hand, there may also be a cellular network lock. This means that after iCloud unlocking, the device may need additional intervention. To avoid unexpected charges and surprises, there is the possibility of checking the network of the device via IMEI check with a small fee, before the Apple ID unlocking operation. This cost is also charged as a minimum fee if we do not proceed with the final unlocking process for any reason.

What you should be aware of, before the unlock
macbook bypass apple id screen
Dozens of Scam Sites and YouTube Videos claim that using Internet services or various modified firmwares, they can easily and cheaply unlock all iPhones "in a minute, with magic" and even with fake positive reviews. Avoid credit card usage or Bitcoin payments on unknown sites and online stores abroad. Some sites claim that installing Custom Firmware (non-Apple modified software) is enough to unlock any model. Even if it were true, don't ever trust to use an iPhone with unofficial software and Jailbreak (full system rights), as every move on the phone can be tracked and recorded. Finally, avoid any unlocking method that would be related to Hardware, changing the main chips of the motherboard etc, as these ways will risk destroying your device for no reason, since the unlocking can also be done via Software.

The method we use is 100% safe and does not run any risk in general. It only affects the original factory software and not Hardware, as there is no need to disassemble the device.

**Important: Since there is no access to the device before unlocking, we don't know if the device is fully functional, especially if there are problems with the cameras and flashlight, battery health, microphones and Face ID/Touch ID which cannot be checked without access to the main menu. Tech Guru is not responsible for any problem the device may have before unlocking, as it is not associated with the unlocking process, which is done at software level and not hardware. Any operation performed on the device will delete any existing files. Please call us for cost updates as prices change frequently.

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Prices not including VAT.
Unlocks and any intervention on devices, concern the legal intervention on owners' device who have forgotten their account and password and have the right to unlock their own device.