samsung note 10 p600 screen repair

This service provides:

  • Touch Screen/Glass (Digitizer) replacement
  • Screen check (Colors, Touch, Frame reassembly)

samsung tab s cracked glass replacement  Repair price:
Depending on model and type of repair
See prices below
samsung s 10.5 t800 glass fix  Warranty: Starting from 2 Years

Samsung Tablet Touch Screen Fix

Did you break your Samsung Tablet Screen? Tech Guru will take care of your device with the best prices on the market. We can fix your screen in no time, if you have cracked the touch glass (Digitizer) or broken the whole screen assembly.

Samsung tablets are very sensitive and break easily in many glass pieces, losing aesthetics, waterproofness and giving a bad touch feeling to the user.

Samsung screens are mostly sold as one part from the official Samsung service, but if you have only broken the glass and the LCD is working, we are able to separate it from the rest of the screen with specialized equipment we have in our refurbish lab and replace it with high quality touch glass in order to avoid the high cost of the whole screen assembly.

The result is just like new. That is why other labs trust us for these kind of repairs and refurbish.

samsung tab refurbish screens High quality glass and digitizer parts for refurbishing

samsung t800 lcd replacement broken Perfect fit and result

cracked samsung t800 glass We have stock parts for about 95% of Samsung tablets for fast repair

broken t800 lcd touch glass 2 Year Warranty on touch screens and lifetime for screen glass*

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ T800 / T805 Glass Only Replacement

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ P600/P605 (2014) Touch/Digitizer Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ T700 / T705 Screen Glass Repair

Samsung Tablets Touch Screen Pricelist

Prices include VAT and labor.
The repairs mentioned include the digitizer touch glass and not the LCD screen.

*Separate Digitizer: Digitizer is not bonded with the LCD Screen and can be replaced separately.
**LCD Assembly: Digitizer is bonded with the LCD screen. In order to replace only the glass, special separation will be required with professional equipment.

Digitizers and touch Glasses are only sold in OEM quality since Samsung does not manufacture these parts separately. Samsung sells only genuine whole LCD assemblies which have very high cost.
*Warranty is not valid if user cracks or breaks the screen 

Please contact us for any information needed and check of availability.

Samsung Phones Screen Repairs

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samsung digitizer replacement

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